About Me

Name: Smiff (SmiffApproved)
Hometown: Washington, DC

Now that we're done with the basics, let’s get to the nitty-gritty! I’ve been interested in music since I blurted out and actually sang the lyrics from an Al Green song while riding in the family car to pre-school. Trust me when I say, this gift of talent was not at all what I thought it was going to be when I first began. I started with writing poetry. I was always big on R&B, so my musical influence did not come only from hip hop/rap artist.  1997 was the year I teamed up with my little cousin Tisa (Lady Crankeit). 1997 was very big for me because my interest in becoming an artist took flight. 2002, while in high school (Wilson Senior High), I would write everyday! Writing to the point where my main focus was only on music. Of course, I maintained a level head to keep me equally focused on my school work but I knew where my main interest was. During the early days, I didn’t know how to start promoting my music, let alone reach a wider audience.  Plus, back then it was all fun and games. I would find myself always rapping Eminem (The Marshall Mathers EP) and also Bone Thugs n Harmony (East 1999) albums repeatedly because their breathing techniques produced a unique sound and rhythm. I practiced all the time because I was sure that being a rap artist was something that I wanted to do. 2004, it was time for me to go to college (Norfolk State University). I was torn between my childhood goals of becoming an Electrical Engineer and being a rap artist. I started with a major in Communications because it was a major that I felt catered to both of my goals. During my first year in college I found out that my university had a studio. During my idle time, I would spend time in the studio but for the most part all of my recordings were done in my dorm room via my laptop (Cool Edit Pro). I would sign up and perform at campus events which created a buzz about my rap talent. After performing a few times on campus, I was being asked "So, are you going to make an album?" That question was stuck in my head for years until 2008 when I started to put my musical talent into action. A beat that I received from a friend in 2004 would become the cornerstone of my first single. I remember when I received the beat, which he so humbly gave to me, I told him "When I write lyrics to this beat, it’s not going to be just any song". We smiled and parted ways. Little did we both know, that his beat and me being enrolled in CSB would have been the right mixture for my first single, "Candyland" to be born. From there the writing never stopped. I wrote hit after hit. I recorded each of my album tracks at Listen Vision Studios in Washington, DC. I also did my first video to my second single "Bounce It" there. During those times, I hooked up with Veiga Entertainment and she so graciously helped me at the beginning of my career. My buzz began to blossom. It is now 2012.... and with every step I took over the years, from my first poem… to me and my friends duct taping a mic to a vacuum cleaner because we didn't have a mic stand to record on a cassette tape (lol)… to spending hours after school free styling for fun and rapping with friends… to high school taking music serious…to college campus performances…to traveling and performing live around DC, MD, VA and NY...  I feel like I’m just beginning all over again. Smarter, stronger and better AND I want you to continue on my journey with me.